Easy Snacks to Make

Are you searching for some easy snacks to make? Here are a few ideas; these are not just healthy they are also very affordable.

1.Prepare a sandwich made from whole grain bread. Top it with peanut butter and jelly, or chicken, even the leftover from last night’s dinner will do.

2.Most people just love fresh fruits. You can simply slice a few different fresh fruit into small serving size and make a tasty fruit salad. Grapes, berries, melons are best particularly during summer. One more nice idea it to make a fruity smoothies. Simply blend some fruits and soy milk in the blender and that’s it. A healthy, fruity milkshake.

3.Leftover spaghetti can still be turn into a delicious snack. Just put it on top of an English muffin or lightly toasted bagels and then top with grated cheese. Place inside the oven and cook until the cheese is melted.

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4.Try graham crackers. Make it more delicious by spreading over a peanut butter. This is a healthy alternative to store bought cookies.

5.Mix different low sugar cereals which you can find in your pantry. You can make a delectable snack by adding some chocolate chips or fruits. These are healthier than the candies or other sugary snacks around.

These are just a few easy snacks to make in your home. There are still so many snack preparation ideas, just check out your pantry from time to time and be creative. You can come up with more healthy snack foods that you can share with your whole family.

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