Midnight Snacks

Food is such a big part in everyone’s lives. Aside from keeping us healthy and energize, food bonds us with our family and friends. This is probably the reason why for families, big or small, the kitchen is the heart of their home. Midnight snacks are part of this food bonding. We share our midnight snacks with friends on the couch or over the phone. We eat our midnight snacks when we’re finishing out take-home work. We turn to our midnight snacks to accompany us in the journey of your book of the night. We even have midnight snacks while making decisions with the love of our lives.

Midnight snacks are just simple foods that can be found in the kitchen at the wee hours of the morning. They are usually light because people don’t want to gain calories before getting to bed. Here are some samples of midnight snacks that you can do and prepare for you and your family and friends.

1.Sandwich- any sandwich will do for midnight snacks. But probably the most famous midnight snack sandwich is the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. One PBJ sandwich with your family will surely make your midnight meal fun and memorable
2.Nuts are also great for midnight snacks. You can toast peanuts and cashew nuts as your midnight snack. You can pair your toasted bowl of nuts with a glass of wine or cola while you read your favorite book.

3.Toast with butter or jam are also great food for midnight snacks. Toast a couple of breads and slather your favorite jam and you’ll surely have a blast.

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