What are some good snacks while watching a hockey game?

Question by Hava_23: What are some good snacks while watching a hockey game?
We like to watch every hockey game during the season, but I need some good idea’s for snacks, what do most guys like for snacking while watching sports?

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Answer by whenallwasgold
anything you see on a pub menu. hot wings and celery with ranch or bleu cheese to dip, nachos, quesadillas, chips, potato skins, etc.
enjoy the game. :)

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  1. nachos
    tortilla chips with rotel cheese dip
    pigs in a blanket

  2. Panda_Bear says:

    Giant pretzels. They are good, and not that messy.

  3. Surfininjunmonkey says:

    WEll first off , I will be specific about HOckey, and not all sports, I would go for a hot dish of meatballs in BBQ sauce, or mini weenies and such. Stay away from chips and go for mixed nuts with popcorn , chek mix type stuff with seasoning that you can warm in the oven with a little butter and seasoning all mixed together. But if all that is to much than Pita chips and Hummus. Oreo cookies to represent hockey pucks, and slim jims for sticks.

  4. Try mini burgers. They grill or griddle up a lot faster than regular sized burgers. Buy the pull apart rolls from your grocery store slice the whole thing in half. make little burgers using the same amount of meat as a meatball and grill or griddle them up. Dress the rolls with mayo, ketchup, mustard place the little burgers on and top with the top half of the rolls. Fast easy and much less mess.
    Enjoy–Good Stuff

  5. Hello:

    Mini corn dogs with dip (Ketchup,Mustard,etc)
    Chicken Nuggets with assorted dips
    French Fries
    Onion Rings
    Buffalo Wings
    Cheese and Crackers
    Chips and dip
    Mixed nuts
    Potato chips
    Pizza Rolls

  6. How about easy Sweet and Sour meatballs

    1 16oz packace of precooked meatballs
    1/2 jar of grape jelly (about 8oz)
    1small jar of salsa ( hot or mild is your preference)

    Mix these ingredients into a small crockpot for a couple hours to warm befor serving. You can increase the recipe for larger groups, alter either more or less salsa and jelly can change the sweet and sour strength. Trial and error is the best way to find your favorite strength. Always a hit, enjoy!